Compliance Consortium Corporation is very aware of the importance of the accuracy of your organization's testing procedures; therefore, we adhere to a strict policy of compliance with the laws and regulations governing its drug and alcohol testing. 

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We trust you will find this site useful to your organization. Compliance Consortium Corporation is a highly respected nationally recognized drug and alcohol testing provider. CCC implements and manages comprehensive and cost-effective drug and alcohol testing programs for companies and all organizations of all sizes that need to comply with DOT mandates, as well as other organizations seeking a drug free workplace.

  •     FMCSA compliant random selection and drug & alcohol testing
  •     FMCSA compliant drug & alcohol testing policies for distribution to your covered employees
  •     A variety of training products to educate employees and supervisors
  •     On-going regulatory updates and consultation
  •     24/7 availability for emergency post accident and testing support​


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